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Information about obtaining a copy of a birth certificate

Information about obtaining a copy of a death certificate

Click Here to obtain a request for a Military Discharge DD-214. (PDF Version)

Partial list of other information

    • Land Records
    • Deeds
    • Mortgages
    • Liens
    • Leases
    • Certificates of Survey
    • Power of Attorney
    • Oaths
    • Bill of sale
    • UCC
    • Oil & Gas
    • Leases
      Geophysical permits (Instructions and Form)

Sheridan County CLERK & RECORDER FEES (revised September 2015)

Recording- $8.00 per page for standard documents

-(detail regarding Document Standards is included below)-

Additional $10.00 per document for non-conforming document -(unless before 4/28/2007)-

Filing- $5.00 per document

(except initial UCC or lien filing which is $7.00 because it includes the termination. Continuations are 5.00)

Certification- $2.00 for one page plus .25 for additional pages
Subdivision and Townsite Plats- $25.00 plus .50 per lot created plus $1.00 per page for documents required to be filed with it
Certificate of Survey & Amendments- $25.00 plus .50 per lot created plus $1.00 for each additional page plus $1.00 for documents required to be filed with it

(Office needs two mylar copies plus one paper copy)

Lien Search-

$7.00 with a written request. -(Search will be on the records back to 1993. If older records are needed, charge will be negotiated.)-

Any other search is .50 per year. (7-4-2631)

Birth Certificate- $8.00 (certified)
Death Certificate- $7.00 (certified)
Large (scanned) copies (printed with plotter) $18.00 for first, $10.00 for more of same scan
Handling/Convenience Fee- For Copies Requested $2.00 (minimum for mailing or email)
E-mailed copies- $2.00 per document

Document Standards Checklist

Documents presented for recording must include:

□ A legal description to index against

(Street address is not acceptable and neither is a deed reference is not acceptable EXCEPT in the case of a Substitution of Trustee)

□ A deed, mortgage, or assignment of mortgage is required to contain the post-office address of the grantee, mortgagee, or assignee of the mortgagee.

□ A notarized signature (Seal must be legible)

□ Addresses for the grantor & grantee

□ A Realty Transfer Certificate if document conveys interest in real property

To determine if document is standard (or non-conforming), use this checklist.

Return information specifications include:

□ Address for returning must be included or non-conforming

□ Address for returning must be in upper left hand corner or non-conforming

□ Document will be returned strictly to this address

Party names (Grantor-Grantee):

□ Must appear on the 1st or 2nd page or non-conforming

Type face must be:

□ Typed or legibly printed- (encourage printing if a form is used)

□ An entire document done in cursive is non-standard, legible or not

□ Blue or Black ink, EXCEPT notary which is exempt from this

□ On white paper (letter or legal size)

Margin requirements:

□ Top of 1st page - 3”

□ Top of all other pages - 1”

□ Bottom of each - 1”

□ Sides of each - 1/2" (at least)

□ Notary is exempt from margin and color requirements

Other miscellaneous

□ Any highlighting on the document makes it non-conforming

□ Margins must be free of markings, EXCEPT form name or numbers,

revision date, fax transmittal info, tribal info, initials, barcodes, order

numbers or name of lending institution

Court or other government documents (in-state or out-of-state)

□ Must be officially certified

□ Always considered standard

Property Taxes

Realty Transfer Certificate: Print and fill in

WHO MUST FILE: Any party transferring real property when presenting an instrument or deed evidencing a transfer of real estate for recordation. Real estate includes land, growing lumber, buildings, structures, fixtures, fences and improvements affixed to land.

Land Ownership
Homestead Patents

Superintendent of Schools

Home School Reporting Form (PDF)

Private/Christian School Reporting Form (PDF)

Sheridan County - 100 W Laurel Ave - Plentywood, MT 59254

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